Intekno Studio - Web Developer and Web Designer from Padang, Indonesia

Halo... We are Intekno Studio. We are professional Web Developer, Web Designer, Programmer, Software Engineer and IT Consultant. Having the ability specialized in the field of software architecture, web based application development, though I most commonly utilizes PHP, CSS, Ajax, HTML, Javascript and jQuery. And in the database side, We regularly uses MySQL/MariaDB. We locate in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

What we do?

  1. Seeks ways to apply technology to client business processes.
  2. Researches and provides information on technical trends.
  3. Develop appropriate technical solutions with project team.
  4. Advise on options, risks, costs vs. benefits, impact and priorities.
  5. Do the work based on client needs.

And what we can?

  1. Design & develop online shopping (e-commerce).
  2. Design & develop e-goverment.
  3. Design & develop online publishing, news website, e-paper.
  4. Design & develop internet & intranet web based aplication.
  5. Apply search engine optimization (SEO) in internet projects.

For more information please contact Intekno Studio via Whatsapp, Chat or Telephone. Thank's.